WAF "When The Boys Are Away..." Candle
WAF "When The Boys Are Away..." Candle
WAF "When The Boys Are Away..." Candle

WAF "When The Boys Are Away..." Candle

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"Smells texts with the WAF besties you were stationed with 2 assignments ago. Cookie logs with girlfriends while your spouse is on their 3rd TDY...this year. Speed cleaning the house as soon as your spouse texts to tell you they landed from their mission. Gearing up to attend yet another wedding, alone. When you're home scrubbing toilets while your spouse is "working" for two weeks in Hawaii. Your phone constantly at low battery with how much you FaceTime family + friends. The optimism that your vacation or travel plans are going to happen + reality that you'll most likely end up alone, at home, smelling this freaking candle."

The iconic Egyptian Amber sets the tone for this irresistible composition. The sweet jasmine is accompanied by the vibrant eucalyptus and soothing sandalwood, presenting aromatherapy you can't ignore. 

  • Made with Natural Coconut & Soy wax
  • White Glass Jar
  • Sustainably handcrafted, Made in the USA
  • Crackling Wood Wick
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free
  • Pet-Safe
  • Clean-Burning, Additives-Free, Dye-Free
  • Phthalate-Free Fragrances
  • Paraben-Free, Non-Toxic
  • Burn time: approximately 70-80 hours when burning no more than 4 hrs in one setting

Top notes: Eucalyptus and jasmine
Middle notes: Sandalwood and roses
Base notes: Egyptian amber, driftwood, and cedar

Visit to find out more about their efforts in supporting military families!

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